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Management acquires 100% of ordinary shares in Mid Ocean Brands
Mid Ocean Brands announces that on July 12th, all ordinary shares in Mid Ocean Brands owned by HAV, have been acquired by investment company Korenvliet. Korenvliet is a company majority owned by Mid Ocean executive board members Rutger de Planque and Stephen Gibson. The group of HAV continues as controlling shareholder of Favorite Gifts. The main brands of Favorite Gifts are Giving Europe and Van Helden Relatiegeschenken. Mid Ocean Brands and Giving Europe have always operated and continue to operate completely independent; for customers there will be no change.
Fairs & Roadshows
Experience our new collection in person. See which fairs & roadshows we will be organising close to you.
Updated Mid Ocean Brands Showroom in Barneveld
In 2014 we opened a beautiful and professional showroom in Barneveld, in the Netherlands, and it has proven to be very successful with many customer visits.

The showroom has been updated with our 2017 collection and is now ready for your visits!

If you would like to visit us, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Printing within 48 hours
Mid Ocean Brands offers a standard printing service of 48 hours!

It is already 6 years ago that we established our Polish printing facility. Since then it has grown into one of the largest printing facilities in Europe, producing over 2,5 million prints every month. We are very proud of this achievement and are even more happy that we can now print any order, up to 2000 pieces, within 48 hours. We offer this as a standard service, so you can get 48 hours printing at no additional cost.

From Poland we can ship all over Europe within 24-72 hours, so the goods can be on your clients doorstep hassle free within 48-96 hours. Therefore more of our customers rely on this one stop service, saving them both time and money on every order.

If you haven’t tried our printing service yet, why not gives us a try?