More than Gifts 2016


More than Gifts 2016

We are very proud to present our 2016 Collection, a catalogue bursting with exciting and inspiring gift ideas. A great combination of bestsellers, functional and fun, modern and colourful items to enable you to create successful campaigns, providing a service that delivers added value and benefits. Without forgetting our deep commitment to our three core values: Innovation, Inspiration, and Quality.
Find inspiration through our new catalogue filled with more than 2,700 promotional products that will amaze your customers. Items for every occasion, perfect to create memorable experiences.
With such a wide range of products to choose from, there are many ways in which to print your brand or logo. Each item has been selected to offer the maximum amount of print space possible to make a bolder impact. Simply determine which product fits with your marketing action and we will recommend the best printing method, ensuring maximum coverage and visibility when your gift is presented to your customers.
When you have a wide range of gift options, choosing the perfect item for each customer and situation becomes an easier task, even enjoyable. Our gift collection portfolio includes all major product categories from traditional and functional items to new technology gadgets and accessories. This ensures that you will always find the ideal product to deliver your message, taking your marketing, advertising or promotions to the next level. Through our experience and quality printing service, we can help you achieve maximum brand exposure for any event or campaign. Get comfortable, take your time, select the gift that best suits your requirements, and let us take care of the rest. Success is guaranteed.
“Brand positioning largely depends on how you send your messages to your target audience.”



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